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Henry Bilinski discusses ambulances vandalised in West Midlands

Ambulance and healthcare transport services need to be more prepared than ever after repeat attacks in the West Midlands.

HATS Group

At the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group and Olympic South Ltd, we’re always well aware of the importance of our services to the community and those around us. That’s why we go to such great lengths to deliver our specialist services, day in day out, no matter the risks.

Working in patient and home to school transport, at HATS, we take our jobs very seriously. When helping the vulnerable and dependant, we help to deliver services which are as comfortable and risk-free as possible – employing the very best individuals and implementing first-class procedures and practices.

Managing risks

Preparing for complications and managing risks is something we’re very used to at HATS. We regularly review our services and make sure that our staff are equipped for new problems and potential accidents, especially when in the field. And with the unexpected news about ambulance services in the West Midlands this week, there’s never been a better time to be prepared.


Reported by ITV news, it seems ambulances in the West Midlands area are being targeted by vandals, after two vehicles were recently attacked in under 24 hours.

Ambulance Vandalised Henry Bilinski
Credit: WMAS

The second of the two attacks took place whilst paramedics were inside a building treating patients. The ambulance’s window was smashed in in Shrewsbury as paramedics treated a victim of an assault. The bumper of another ambulance was prised off on the same day.

Speaking about the attacks, Area Manager for Warwickshire said:

“It’s beggar’s belief why someone would do this to an ambulance, a vehicle designed to help save lives.

“The ambulance crew noticed the damage immediately after returning to their vehicle and were very disappointed and upset by the incident.”

As the CEO of a Group working in healthcare transport, it’s shocking to see such disregard for services dedicated to helping people. It’s something at HATS, we hope we and our transport users never have to experience first-hand.

For more about the story, please visit ITV, and for more about HATS, be sure to visit www.HATSGroup.com.

Henry Bilinski.

About the Author

Henry Bilinski is the UK Chief Executive Officer for the Health and Transport Services (HATS) Group/Olympic South Ltd based in Wimbledon.

Henry is a highly experienced Chief Executive with over 30 years’ experience working in the transport and logistics industry. Having acted as a Dispatch Rider, Operations Controller, Managing Director, Owner and CEO for a number of different organisations throughout his career, Henry is an expert in his field.