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Student protest coincides with transport halts

Last week, a student protest in London turned violent when police clashed with rioters. Over 12 arrests were made whilst local transport came to a grinding halt.


Protesting against high fees and the government’s plans to scrap student grants, thousands of students and demonstrators marched outside the Home Office in central London.

Starting as a peaceful march, the protest soon turned sour when protesters met police lines in the capital.

Rioters hurled paint outside the Home Office whilst others threw smoke bombs and attempted to push their way into the Department for Business Innovation and Skills.

Officers on the scene were said to have arrested over 12 of the protesters for public order offences after the riot subsided.

Transport strikes

Adding to the unease in the capital, transport strikes also brought travel to a halt, meaning long delays and panic.

Transport union RMT continued with their 48-hour strike on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR), which ended on Thursday morning.

Speaking about the strikes, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

“RMT negotiators have made every effort over the past 72 hours to resolve this dispute through negotiation but due to the sheer intransigence of the management the DLR will now face its first ever all-out strike action in the 28 years history of the railway.”

Ongoing problems

All in all, with student protests, rail strikes and bonfire night problems, it hasn’t been a particularly good few weeks for London commuters and locals. The increasing number of ongoing disruptions to transport in the capital is extremely worrying, and with night tube negotiations still ongoing, we might not see any true respite until early 2016.

With the Christmas period quickly approaching, we can only hope that these issue die down soon.

You can find out more about the recent protests and strikes over on the BBC website.

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HATS release road safety guide

With another school year just around the corner, at the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group, we’re busy preparing our fleet of specialist drivers and vehicles ready for the new term this September.

As part of our transport network, at HATS, we help to provide SEN and mainstream home to school transport to more than twenty Local Authorities and Shires in Greater London. And as part of that service, one of our most important duties is to help keep passengers and school children as safe as possible.

School Transport

Whilst the UK’s transportation system is one of the safest in the world, at HATS we’re always looking for new ways to further improve our services and make our services as safe and reliable as possible.

In an attempt to raise awareness for both safe travel in the UK and beyond, we’ve recently started to support the #SaveKidsLives campaign coordinated by the UN Global Road Safety Collaboration. It’s a great cause which aims to put a stop to child road deaths around the world, and one I’m proud to back.


#SaveKidsLives calls for Governments from around the world to commit to take action at the Global High Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia in November 2015. The campaign highlights the plight of children on the roads and aims to save lives on the roads for years to come.

‘Staying Safe’ flyer

At HATS we have recently produced a handy double-sided safety guide for school children on our services – raising awareness for #SaveKidsLives. The flyer of school bus Dos and Dont’s is designed to help make children more aware of road safety on our services when travelling to and from school.

As well as providing children with some key safety information, our new flyer also shines a light on the amazing #SaveKidsLives campaign, and how everyone can get involved.

We recommend visiting the #SaveKidsLives website where you can sign the declaration and download the signboard.

You can also view and download the safety flyer right now on the HATS website.