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Henry Bilinski: Healthcare and Transport Services

The United Kingdom is one of the most diversely populated countries in the world, with an unwavering ethos towards welcoming people into its community and then safeguarding their presence.

Specialist Transport Provider

As a Service Provider to the public sector, in both the healthcare and education industries, Healthcare and Transport Services recognise the diverse needs, requirements and idiosyncrasies not only within each authorising body but also within each department or clinic and, further still, within each client.

Flexible and Efficient Service

Our ability to deliver a fully robust, yet flexible service model using an efficiency based platform is demonstrated continually. It is also supported by references from our extensive current partnerships within the healthcare and education industries.

The HATS Group

Additionally, we are acutely aware of the financial constraints under which the public sector is now expected to operate. In the current climate, and in the undoubtedly trying times which are set to follow, we will operate in partnership with our public sector partners to assist them in their continued ambition for cost savings. We believe in the implementation of continued and sustainable efficiency gains whilst ensuring that service levels either improve or remain commensurate. This philosophy has enabled Cost Pressure Improvements and cash releases to take place on a regular basis.

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