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HATS Group Partnership Agreement with Northgate PLC

I’m proud to announce that the Healthcare and Transport Services (HATS) Group have signed a partnership agreement with Northgate PLC, which involved the delivery of approximately £1.3m worth of brand new vehicles as part of our home to school fleet.

A market leader in commercial vehicle leasing, Northgate PLC has a UK wide network of 62 branches with a total fleet size of 53,000. Having operated in the sector since 1981, Northgate are one of the UK’s most trusted and reliable vehicle leasing companies. And it’s a great step forward to be working with them.

Chris Cannon, Fleet Compliance Manager at HATS, who will be responsible for the fleet of Northgate vehicles commented, “I am over the moon. I was the Fleet Services Manager at Ford for many years and so I have a good understanding of Ford product. Everybody from Northgate has been great to work with so far and the drivers think they new kit is brilliant which is obviously important to us. Lets hope it’s the first of many deliveries”.

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Northgate recently commented on the recant partnership saying:

“During the first quarter of 2014, Healthcare & Transport Services and Northgate Vehicle Hire (NVH) entered in to a new partnership agreement which saw the supply of 26 vehicles early in Q2.

“NVH provided HATS with a flexible, risk free acquisition method for the fleet whilst demonstrating an efficient maintenance support network. This would ensure HATS could focus their time and energy on doing what they do best, running reliable, hassle free transport services for their clients.”

HATS’ Fleet Procurement Manager and his team have done a brilliant job in structuring this new deal. And I hope that this new working relationship will continue to help us develop and grow our range of transport services.

Everybody in the industry knows influence and presence that Northgate has, and what services they can offer companies like HATS. It’s a great advance which will undoubtedly help support the needs of our trusted clients.

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