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Getting UK Healthcare Online

With innovations and breakthroughs being made every day in modern medicine and healthcare, is it time that we caught up with the times and went digital?


Across the UK, our hospitals and doctors’ surgeries continue to help members of the general public to fight back against illness and injury. Cutting edge technology is already being implemented across the county to help save people’s lives. But, as many of our admin and rudimentary services operate much the same as they have done for the past 25 years, maybe it’s about time we made greater use of digital services in the NHS.

New digital services

In a push to get the NHS to consider concentrating further on digital services, British businesswomen, philanthropist and Lastminute.com founder, Baroness Martha Lane Fox has proposed that we should aim to get 10% of patients digital by 2017.

The Baroness’ recommendations call for action on services such as booking appointments, ordering prescriptions and receiving consultations, which could be streamlined with the use of digital technology.


Ali Parsa, founder of telehealth platform Babylon, shares Baroness Martha Lane Fox’s views, and believes that technology is fundamental to aiding the NHS. She says:

“Martha couldn’t be more right in urging the NHS to adopt technology. As she mentions, one of the founding principles was to ensure that everyone has equal access to the best medical services available. Britain has the means, the know-how and the capability of making this happen, making our healthcare system the most accessible and connected in the world.”

A long and costly process

Despite this need to concentrate further on digital services in the NHS, the process is likely to be challenging. The NHS would have to overcome access, as everyone in the UK would have to have access to these new digital services and all staff would have to have the proper training for it to be most effective.

With the high costs and long timescale involved with such an undergoing, there’s no knowing whether a truly digital health service is feasible in the near future. Only time will tell.

For more information about Baroness Martha Lane Fox’s recommendations, be sure to visit Forbes.

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